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Dragon Design


We've completed the transition to our new dragon design on all our bottles. The design was inspired by a gift Allan Green's father Aaron gave to the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation: a dragon sculpture that's still on prominent display at Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Arizona. (The dragon was originally intended to be a fountain, but Mrs. Wright had the dragon fitted with propane so it could breathe fire.)




...As you can see, we've recently redesigned and updated our web site to reflect our new dragon packaging and to offer additional winery information. You can also order wine on-line and sign up for events...Now available in the tasting room: a new gift package, similar to our holiday package but suitable for any occasion...If you want to keep in touch, be sure to pass along your email address. We're exploring the possibility of offering special email/internet deals that you won't want to miss out on...And here's another thing you won't want to miss out on: we're hosting the 22nd annual California Wine Tasting Championships at the winery (not the tasting room) on July 24 and 25. The weekend includes entertainment, wine tasting, great food... and lots of fun. You can find more information and an entry form by clicking on the link above, or you can call 707-895-2002...We can now ship wine directly to consumers in more than thirty states. One of those is Michigan, where we have a new distributor: McLean Wine Company (989-922-7877). We also have a new distributor in Texas: Ambassador Brands in Austin (512-294-5292). Ask you favorite Michigan or Texas wine shop to get in touch with these guys to carry our wines...


Dragon Diamond News


The Greenwood Ridge Dragons hardball team ends their season each November with an international tournament in Phoenix, Arizona. In the 2003 tourney the Dragons needed all the passion they could muster. After splitting their first four games, the Dragons faced elimination - and an undefeated opponent from the Virgin Islands, the St. Thomas Hurricanes.


The Dragons fell behind 5-0 early, rallied to a 5-5 tie in the eighth inning, then gave up a run in the ninth. But in the bottom of the ninth, a leadoff single by Dan Lepez and an infield hit by Tim Walker, followed by a perfect sacrifice bunt by Arnie Arnold, moved the winning run into scoring position with only one out. Mark Fess flied out to right field for the second out; pinch runner Dick Giberti tagged up from third, sliding around the catcher's tag to score the tying run. An intentional walk to cleanup hitter Eddie Harmon heightened the tension. Down to his last strike, center fielder Allan Green bounced a base hit down the third base line, scoring Tim Walker with the winning run, keeping the Dragons' championship hopes alive.


The celebration was short lived, however, as the Dragons were eliminated in their next game by a team from San Antonio, Texas. The St. Thomas Hurricanes went on to sweep their remaining games to win the entire 28 team tournament, their only loss in nine games coming at the hands (talons?) of the Dragons.


Don't miss the passion. The Dragons opened their 2004 season on April 18, and will be playing two games at Pac Bell (SBC) Park in San Francisco on Monday, June 28. For free tickets or a Dragons schedule, please contact us.




It started, as most wine things do, in the vineyard. We began running our tractor on bio diesel fuel last year, then our steam cleaners, and then our ranch truck. Now be on the lookout for our new winery car, a bio diesel powered VW Golf with the license plate "BIO DSUL." (The bio diesel we use is refined from used vegetable oil.)


More Mythical Beasts


The dragons don't stop with the conventional Greenwood Ridge Vineyards wines. This spring we've put some very special wines together, for the tasting room only: Mad Dragon 20/20, Thunderdragon, Dragon Train, and Mogen Dragon. As you can imagine, we'd keep an army of copyright attorneys busy if we released these wines anywhere outside of Anderson Valley, so you'll have to come visit us to find them.

Released: April 1, 2004