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2013 Sauvignon Blanc


"24% Semillon. Fresh, lightly melony fruit is overlain with a nicely measured touch of varietal grassiness in the nose and follows as the central theme of this wine's rounded, quietly herbal flavors. The wine is balanced and easy to taste."

---Connoisseur's Guide to California Wine


"A full bodied, supple Sauvignon blend that is elegantly flavored (pear, lemon grass, peach, almond, lime) and well balanced, with a long finish. Delicious." ---Restaurant Wine Magazine


Meyer Vineyard, Anderson Valley

24% Semillon

0.84 T.A., 3.27 pH

13.2% alcohol

100% French oak

Barrel aged 5 months

Suggested cellaring: up to 3 years

Bottled March 3, 2014

Release date: May 2014

200 cases produced




Gold, Mendocino County Fair

Silver, California State Fiar