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"This good value may be a little harder to find, but if you run across it, you will be rewarded with a somewhat more complex wine whose grassy, dried hay and grapefruit aromas are classically Sauvignon Blanc in content. Firm and even a bit brisk on the palate, this is the kind of wine I drink with shellfish like oysters or steamed clams." --Charles Olken, Los Angeles Times


"Mixing the grassy, dried hay and grape-fruity notes of Sauvignon Blanc with a slight minerally tinge, the nose of this medium-full bodied wine presages a balanced array of green and fruity elements in the mouth. firming up at the finish but not giving in to its bracing acids, this wine is a friendly version of the brisk Sauvignon Blanc style. GOOD VALUE."--Connoisseurs Guide


This is a wonderfully balanced wine with melon, toast, vanilla and just enough varietal grass to let you know you are drinking Sauvignon Blanc." --California Wine Merchant


89 "A classic Sauvignon Blanc with crisp, bright fruit, just touched by toasty oak barrel fermentation and a layering of melon and figs from 15% Semillon in the blend. Best Buy." --Wine Enthusiast


"This is a refreshing wine with grapefruit and lightly grassy melon fruit that has been one of our favorites for years." --California Wine Merchants


"Wine of the Week - A superb cool-climate wine, with herbs and melon notes, lemon and lime traces, and a load of green apple fruit. Wonderful to drink now. May age, too." --Dan Berger


"Wine of the Week - - We tried to find a flaw in this wine but decided to give up and just have another glass. Complex, medium-bodied, fresh herbs, melon, nectarine and vanilla aromas with mineral, pear and spicy flavors."


"Medium-light yellow; attractive, clean, floral, herbal, grassy aroma with hints of fig and tropical fruit; medium-full body; assertive, herbal grassy, citrusy, mineral-like flavors; well balanced and structured; lingering aftertaste. Above-average quality. Highly recommended." --California Grapevine


1998 Sauvignon Blanc

85% Sauvignon Blanc

15% Semillon

0.67 T.A., 3.45 pH

13.5% alcohol

Bottled April 13, 1999

Released June 30, 1999

1500 cases produced




Gold, California State Fair

Silver, National Orange Show

Silver, San Diego National Wine Competition

Silver, Riverside International Wine Competition

Bronze, Mendocino County Fair