Just six miles from the moderating influence of the Pacific, our vineyard sits above the morning fog.  We have been handcrafting wines here since 1980.  For information on individual wines, see our Current Wines section. For older wines, please check the Archives section.




Since 1980, Greenwood Ridge Vineyards has built a reputation for producing world class wines in small lots (total annual production is only 1500 cases). Greenwood Ridge Vineyards has been named one of America's top 30 wineries three times in recent years by Wine & Spirits Magazine and continually receives Best of Show awards at major wine competitions.

Our beautiful tasting room belies the fact that we produce very limited quantities of each wine. You will not find us outside of Mendocino County, and then only in a few select restaurants and stores. Please click the link above to buy wine or call us at 707-895-2002.

We've created our Advance Tasting Club to ensure that you are able to taste and purchase all our wines before they are sold out. Each spring and fall we will send you a shipment containing one bottle of each of our new wines (four wines), before they are released to the public.